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Once upon a time, I started my career as an architect designing stores for Tumi and Thomas Pink across the globe, but when the gale force winds of the Great Recession blew me off course- I pivoted to the tech sector. I discovered that I loved helping people enrich their lives through technology as a Creative Trainer at Apple. Enhancing their user experience, I would teach individuals and groups of children to senior citizens how to code, communicate, and create on their devices. Eventually, I moved into helping people repair their user experience through troubleshooting and fixing hardware and software at the Genius Bar.


However, I missed designing so I took the plunge and moved to New York where I am currently working as a fashion designer. The past four years of dealing with numerous painful industry-specific applications have driven me to want to improve upon them. Knowing that the user experience can and should be better. I am now set on combining my knowledge of design and technology by becoming a UX Designer. 


In preparation, I have completed the Google UX Design Professional Certificate, which involved over 200 hours of instruction and practical learning. The culmination of the program involves three projects that include all points of the process from ideation to high-fidelity prototypes. Stages of the process included user research, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and refining the design. I look forward to continual learning and contributing to a UX design team while bringing my unique background in architecture, teaching, IT, and fashion to enhance the design process.


My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Minor in City and Regional Planning from The University of California at Berkeley. I also hold an Associate of Applied Sciences in Menswear from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Please see my resume with the button below and do not hesitate to reach out because I would love to work with you.



Aaron Niu

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